Software Requirements

To run the SDR systems that are presented in the book, in addition to the RTL-SDR hardware USB, you need your own computer running a recent operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) and the following software:

MATLAB & Simulink Version 2014b or later, with

– MathWorks DSP System Toolbox
– MathWorks Communications System Toolbox
– MathWorks Signal Processing Toolbox
– MathWorks RTL-SDR Hardware Support Package

You can run all of the examples using either the Professional, Education, Student or Home Editions of MATLAB and Simulink.

More general information is available from, and specific information about the RTL-SDR Hardware Support Package can be found here.


New to MATLAB and Simulink? — Get Started with a Product Trial licence

If you are new to the product, then you can request a 30 day Product Trial to get started.  When selecting the trial package, choose the ‘Signal Processing and Communications‘ packaged trial (7 products).

In addition to the above information, Chapter 1 of the book provides more details on the software requirements to get you up and running. If you are completely new to MATLAB and Simulink, then don’t worry — Chapter 2 gives a step-by-step guide to getting started with your first SDR in just 30 minutes. Chapter 4 also provides a tutorial guide to getting started with Communications and digital signal processing when using MATLAB and Simulink, which presents a beginner the information required to successfully work through the examples in the remaining chapters.


License for Simulation Examples and Design Exercises

The license to use the MATLAB and Simulink simulation examples and the design exercises (available from the free download page) is available here.