Audio Tracks used in Simulations Examples and Design Exercises

Audio_file_Icon_256In some of the simulation examples and design exercises available from the downloads page we have used recorded music and other audio tracks variously modulated onto carriers, and/or provided in another intermediate signal processing non-baseband form (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘modulated music‘). Herein we acknowledge and thank the musicians, writers, performers and technicians for the access to their original recordings, and in the section below we state the conditions of use.


Permission to Use Music, Vocal Tracks and Modulated Music

Permission to use, reproduce and make copies of the music and modulated music files is granted for all purposes associated with using MATLAB and Simulink software; which includes all of the simulation examples and design exercises files that accompany the book, ‘Software Defined Radio using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR‘ and in any activity relating to non-profit academic use, and related, education, teaching, and self learning. The tracks may also be used for development of new derivative examples of design exercises and simulation examples from the book. Requests to use the music for any other purpose, should be made here.



For tracks Little Disease and  Bang Bang: 
Written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Adam Struth, Jamie Struth, Garrey Rice and Iain Thistlethwaite.

For tracks Coolest Trainers and Art School Students:
Written by Adam Struth. Arranged and performed by Adam Struth, Jamie Struth, Garrey Rice and Iain Thistlethwaite. Recorded and produced by Marshall Craigmyle.

garreyriceFor track Gunpowder:
Written, performed and produced by Garrey Rice (musician and DSP, communications and HDL Designer Engineer).

If you would like to hear more, visit the artist’s profiles: