On this page we will highlight any minor typos or other corrections/updates to the text ‘Software Defined Radio using MATLAB and Simulink and the RTL-SDR’ and to any of the associated exercises or support files.

Exercise Files

There is a known issue with MATLAB R2015B, whereby figures will not open with the axes scaled to their ‘saved’ positions. If you open any of the provided Spectrum Sweeps from Exercise 3.13 in this edition and the x axes is scaled from 0–1, you will need to rescale it. For a sweep between 25MHz and 1.75GHz, enter the following into the command window to fix this:


The functionality of the AGC Simulink block was changed between releases R2015a and R2015b. We have had to create secondary versions of the affected files, denoted by the _15bonwards.slx file names. Anyone using R2015b or higher (ie R2016a, 16b, 17a etc..) will need to use these files instead. These modified files are in the Version 1.17.0208 download, available from the 8th February 2017.



There has been some debate about Figure 1.7a (Figure 1.7a-c shows three generations of digital radios). These figures are simply to demonstrate how the ‘digital’ part of the radio has been moving closer towards the front end of the radio over time. We have an updated version of Figure 1.7a, (which sorts a filter order issue), which is shown below.


Download Version Number 1.17.0208

No known issues, yet!