Getting Started – ASAP!

If you want to started ASAP, then you need all the bits and pieces (documents, hardware and software) shown below:

  1. The book PDF (free from downloads), or get a printed copy from Amazon.
  2. An RTL-SDR — order one today from NooElec or Amazon.
  3. A reasonably quick and powerful computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) — check in your home or office 😉
  4. An installed copy of MATLAB & Simulink 2014b or later with (i) the Signal Processing Toolbox, (ii) DSP System Toolbox, (iii) Communications System Toolbox & (vi) the RTL-SDR Hardware Support Package available as later download.
  5. A suitable licence for MATLAB  & Simulink — if you have the software this can be any one of (i) Standard, (ii) Student, (iii) Education & (vi) Home, or if you need a 30 day trial download to get started, obtain a Product Trial.
  6. The example files for the books exercises and examples (available in downloads).

If you download the Book PDF and read Chapter 1, there is more information and details provided.