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We like to keep track of who is downloading the material for the purposes of quantifying and understanding interest in the book. Before downloading, if you could complete at least your name, affiliation and industry this would be a great help.  If you also add in your email, we can confirm that we will only contact you on matters relating to this book. If you really don’t want to leave any trace of being here, then the the link to the downloads page is at the bottom of this page.

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Updated: 08 February 2017 – Version Number 1.17.0208

Download the Book PDFbook_cover

The (zipped) Book PDF is around 85MB in size, is in full colour, and is fully hyperlinked to pages on this website and external URLs. If you only wish to explore the book, and do not need the support files at this time, this is the download for you.

Click here to download the book pdf

You can download a preview table of contents here


Download the Book and Support Filesfilesandbook

The Book and Support Files zip folder contains a PDF copy of the book, and all of the Simulink models, MATLAB scripts and data files that you require to work through the examples. The file is around 1.5GB in size, so if you are working in a classroom environment, it might be worthwhile only downloading it once and passing it around on a USB drive! The download also contains a copy of our license to use information.

Click here to download the book and support files