Relavent Weblinks

It’s certainly worth reviewing the first few links below which summarise and present many aspects of the history and evolution of the RTL-SDR into a great desktop SDR device, for both education and development.

About RTL-SDR”, from

Sylvain, “RTL-SDR: Specifications”, from OsmoCom SDR.

Karsruhe RTL-SDR Project, from Karlsruhe Institute for Technology.

Superkuh GNU Radio RTL-SDR pages.

H. Welte, “RTL-SDR – Presentation”, given at FreedomHEC 2012 Taipei.

rtlsdr.orgSome RTL-SDR Wiki pages.

A. Wolke, “Build, test, use the RF Noise Source on the Ham-It-Up RTL-SDR Upconverter”, YouTube.

MathWorks SDR Discovery pages.

NooElec, Software Defined Radio Hardware.